Review: Gears of War 3 Season Pass

The fourth Gears of War 3 DLC package (and final one for Season Pass holders like me), “Forces of Nature,” has been out for a little over 24 hours, and as I’ve never written on Gears specifically despite it being my most-played game since September, I thought I’d take a few moments and evaluate the Season Pass as a whole. Was it worth it for me? Is it worth it for you, Mr. Holdout? Let’s see.

Prior to Gears 3‘s release the Season Pass (hereafter SP) was announced as a way for players to save money on inevitable DLC that would roll out for the six or so months following the game’s release. For $30 SP owners would get $45 worth of content — a 33% savings for those who would ultimately buy all four. As of today, those four packages are Horde Command Pack, Raam’s Shadow, Fenix Rising, and the aforementioned Forces of Nature.

If you’re really impatient or just short on time (in which case, you should know better than to read something of mine, so shame on you), click here for my overall thoughts on the season pass. Note: most of these packs also offer new weapon skins. I don’t consider those make or break aspects of the DLC and have thus ignored them.

On to DLC 1: Horde Command Pack

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