It says “Title…

It says “Title (optional)” and that seems as good as anything I’d have put there (perhaps you’ll get a random string of numbers again?) because there’s no narrative thread to be found here. If you don’t personally know or care about me, may as well stop reading now (that’s not snark, by the way, I’m actually serious).

Anyhow, I just wanted to throw out there that I know that I suck for not continuing with the 15 Day Challenge (challenge failed?). Normally I wouldn’t bother apologizing but it seems (based on hit counts) that a few of you actually were following along and enjoying those tidbits. I have not given up on doing the remaining days; I’ve just been extremely busy lately.

Over the last few days I’ve primarily been wearing the “photographer” hat, chief capturer (haha, that’s not a word) of our church’s Vacation Bible School as well as (and this only became apparent after VBS began) the guy responsible for getting an individual portrait of all 180+ kids (and then editing, cropping, printing, and distributing said portraits). Toss in a seemingly impromptu day trip to Manhattan and, most recently, a possible (finally!) job in Boston, and the week has taken a decent psychological (and physical) toll on me. I’m happy — happier than usual — but I’m tired and I know I’ve been shirking writing and social responsibilities since this weekend so I just wanted to let y’all know why.

Given all the huge question marks looming over the horizon (not least of which being whether I’ll be living in a different state two weeks from now) I’m also officially giving warning that regularity as regards this and other blogs will likely not resume in the near future, though where I find the time and energy I’ll certainly be writing.

Hope you’re doing well!

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