Untitled 10.24

For a little while there I was considering doing something else. Swapping today for a different day’s task. Screenshots (a form of photography, in my opinion). Anything but actually trying to do a photoshoot. That’s because I had planned to go out on a hike, a nice drive, somewhere out there, to capture something interesting. Sadly, the weather had other plans.

Eventually, I pulled out my camera anyway, and resigned to try to take at least one interesting picture, because getting in the habit of using the thing was really the point of assigning myself to do this in the first place. I wrestled against publishing anything that wasn’t truly remarkable, but then I guess for now the doing is more important than what’s done — in time, I will be more creative with Wednesdays’ tasks.

Today, you get the couple shots that came out alright. I photographed various items in my room under the light of an accountant’s lamp I picked up at the community yard sale. Most things were uninteresting, but I liked these few enough to say “Well, I guess this is what I’m uploading. Better luck next time.”

Recall, of course, my specialty is parties and shows. Perhaps in the coming weeks I’ll have opportunity to snag some shots of that sort; meanwhile, Pawling can be dull. Let’s hope I find more inspiration (and nicer weather) in coming days ^_^

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