Adam K. Bogert | Pawling, NY

Gamertag: Genesis11 | PSN: akbogert | raptr: akbogert

If you’ve ever met me it’s likely you already know two things about me: I’m a Christian and I’m a gamer. I’m not really sure which you learn first. This blog, then, is the inevitable result of too many years writing about both topics and never really knowing how best to consolidate them. After much consideration and little thought, I finally decided to snag the title while it was still up for grabs: Deus Ex Ludus. God in the Game. Henceforth my opinions on games, gaming culture, and particularly the aspects of those which shape/are shaped by my faith will find their home here.

Two types of people will read this about page: those who know a bit about me and my past (and therefore my writing), and those who have absolutely no idea who or what I’m about. So to the first group, I’m hoping this makes things easier for you if you’ve been interested primarily in the gaming stuff but have had to slog through the minefield that is the rest of my personal writing. To the latter, I’m not a huge fan of blanket self-evaluations, but if you want one it can be found here.

I’d much prefer the more natural means of exposition. My writing speaks for me, but I’m certainly not mute. Follow me on twitter. Play some games with me. More importantly, if you want to know something, just ask. Let’s have a conversation!