Personal Statement Supplement

The following material is referenced in or relevant to Adam Bogert’s personal statement.

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Final Paper SP2015: Seriality & Narrative Seminar
Seriality in a Culture of Binging

Sean O’Sullivan suggests that television (and serial narrative more broadly) functions in part because it is broken intentionally. In this paper I explore two serial narratives – Netflix’s Daredevil and Marvel Comics’ Daredevil – in terms of one another and in terms of how binge culture “unbreaks” long-running narrative. I raise the broader concern of how creators and scholars in both media balance practical considerations of surviving as a serialized medium against consumption patterns that eschew ads and interruptions.

Final Paper AU2014: Parasocial Relationship Seminar
Towards Better Measures of Parasociability

The culmination of a semester’s exploration of the literature on or tangential to parasocial relationships and interactions, this paper is my attempt to identify serious validity concerns with extant measurements of parasociability and to propose a content analysis that would establish empirical support for rejecting or modifying those measures.

Undergraduate Senior Capstone Project
Lying to Tell the Truth

Conceived as the ultimate synthesis of my undergraduate studies in English and Communication Studies, this forty-page journal/magazine hybrid truly is a capstone to four years of diverse academic and extracurricular experience. Though lacking the graphic design acuity I wish were there, Lying to Tell the Truth does more than display the absolute best my pen and I have to offer; it displays the very core of who I am.

Note: this is a graphic-heavy .pdf file. If you choose to view or download it, expect at least enough time to brew another cup of coffee.

Undergraduate Senior Research Proposal
Research Proposal – Perceptions of Electronic Gaming

Nearing the conclusion of my undergraduate studies I was assigned the task of creating a research proposal. Though the actual research proposed has not been undertaken, the vetting of critical sources to determine an ideal branch of research constituted an unparalleled rewarding and informative exercise. Spanning a semester’s worth of reading and incorporating the results of an independent study course, this research proposal is perhaps the best critical writing I’ve done to date.