15 Days, Day 10

This is part of a writing exercise dictated by this list. It may benefit you to read it if you seek to know me (or merely someone) better; it may benefit me in the selfsame way. And if knowledge of others is your goal, seek out Anna, whose list prompted mine, and Kimi, whom Anna credits for said list.

Day 10
(List) Ten things that make you happy.

(In no particular order)

Josh Groban
Red Pandas
Driving with the windows down
Long get-togethers with friends and family**
Meaningful conversations
Steampunk variations on non-steampunk things
Singing (well)
(Kinda) knowing French
Making other people happy through my writing and photography***

I wanted to put “beauty” on this list but didn’t because it’s not specific enough. But touches of beauty — pretty girls, soaring architecture, great writing, breathtaking panoramas — bring me something passing happiness and intruding on the territory of joy. The other reason I didn’t add it? I feel like that’s a universal truth.

*because otherwise this list would say “pumpkin pie, colored leaves, moderate-bordering-on-cold temperatures, apple-scented everything, hot cider, the back-to-school feeling i still get even though i don’t go to school anymore, excuses to read Poe and Hawthorne and Irving, etc.” and there’d be no sign of smiles for the other 3/4 of the year.

**but the end of such parties and the emptiness of the house after make me unhappy, so maybe that’s a wash?

***I know “real” artists aren’t supposed to need or seek external approval for their craft, but the truth is without an audience my work always feels unimportant and trivial. It’s why I don’t take many photos “for the heck of it” and why I’ve never kept a consistent journal. So writing and photography make me happy, but other people liking what I’ve written and photographed makes me far happier.